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#100BucketList Kamasutra edition – is a new interactive scratch-off poster that motivates to diversify the intimate life lovers with one hundred spicy variations.

This checklist for adults is intended for adult and young couples who want to spend time together have fun!

Together, choose an interesting pose, look under the blanket, try the pose and move on to the next one.

Arrange a night of amorous adventures or try the 100day Hot Challenge.

Find new erogenous zones and unexpected solutions, learn something new about each other. about each other something new.

Make the most out of your night))

• Poster dimensions — 60 x 40 cm
• Tube dimensions — 45 x 7 cm

EAN: : 4820191130159


Amazing design

You will definitely hurry home to look under the protective blanket.

#100BucketList Kamasutra edition is the best gift for a creative and cheerful couple, who are not afraid of experiments.

Motivating scratch-off poster hides poses for two (by the way, the number of participants is limited only by courage), which diversify the intimate life.

Just need to choose one of the hundred, look under the protective blanket, do it and move on – make your nights adventurous.

100 bucketlist Kamasutra Edition inside content

What's the need for #100BucketList Kamasutra edition

100 bucketlist Kamasutra Edition how to use


You will need to:
– Choose a hot pose together
– Peek under the blanket (erase the scratch-off layer)
– Get motivated and try the pose
– Mark as completed

Why is it an awesome gift?

Benefits of #100 BUCKET LIST Kamasutra edition:
· Unusual gift for couples or honeymooners
· Spicy accessory for the bedroom
· Innovative technology scratch
· Multifunctional gift tube “Secret Box”
· Reason to diversify your intimate life
· New emotions in your relationship
· Motivation to make the most of your night
· Creating memories together
· Brings attention to the importance of a healthy
sexual life

100 bucketlist Kamasutra Edition gift for couples

Stylish packaging with a surprise

100 bucketlist Kamasutra Edition tube with secret box

The poster is packed into a stylish design tube, which protects it from damage and solves the problem of gift wrapping.
+ Secret box In addition, we propose you to use the lower part of the tube, as a Secret Box, to write notes about your secret fantasies or store naughty items, such as condoms or sex toys!

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100 bucketlist Kamasutra Edition tube

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